Ethical, Sustainable and Organic Farming - Long road ahead for India

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At Kaleeswari Farm (home of Kannukutty branded farm produces) , we have been growing crops, vegetables and fruits organically for over several generations. Our choice to carry on without chemical pesticides or genetically modified seeds has been guided by an ethical commitment - both to the land that feeds us for generations and to the people who trust our produces.

But we admit, at times, this dedication gets testing in the face of certain harsh realities.

Lower Yields & Extended Timelines

We primarily use heirloom seeds native to our Tamil Nadu soil instead of the high-yielding hybrid varieties promoted by multinationals. Now these traditional cultivars may be hardier and more climate resilient. But their yields per acre are nearly 40-50% lesser compared to genetically tweaked options flooding Indian market. And slower maturation means delayed harvests too causing reduced annual output.

Insect Attacks & Biodiversity Harmony

Our chemical-free approach also entails sharing our fields with a myriad of insects who consider our plants as food or habitats. And while birds help control certain pests, the sheer diversity takes its toll through biting, boring and sucking. Caterpillars munching on cabbages or whiteflies swarming eggplants - such wildlife interactions create substantial loss. Although the sight of vibrant butterflies fluttering makes it worthwhile!

The Weed Burden

Manual weeding without herbicides is another uphill task that consumes time, effort and money. With no toxic chemicals arresting growth, hard-to-control weeds choke precious nutrients and moisture meant for crops. Our hands get calloused removing these persistent plants repeatedly. But we endure because we know we are nurturing life, not poisoning it.

Long road ahead

India may rank first globally in the number of organic farmers and ninth in terms of area under organic production. But shockingly, only about 2% of the country’s total farmland currently is organically cultivated as per sources. We have a long road ahead to expand sustainable practices.

Our Commitments

We are committed to continue practicing organic, sustainable farming without the use of harmful chemical substances, despite all the difficulties. We have chosen ethics over economics, sustainability over profits. And while organic agriculture shrinks our yields, it enlarges our conscience through a gentle symbiosis with nature. We toil on these winding pathways as a labor of love, knowing deep within that growing right matters more than growing fast. Won’t you join us in this journey with your support?