New Beginnings Across Cultures - New Year helps us celebrate our Unity In Diversity

1 minute read

As the world greets another Gregorian new year this January 1st, we wanted to reflect on how this date marks renewal in some cultures while others may celebrate their own versions at different times.

The universal human urge to reboot and aspire afresh transcends man-made chronologies. We Tamils from Tamil Nadu welcome ‘Puthandu’ on either the Thai (தை) which falls on January 13-14th or some celebrate Tami New Year on April 13-14th which is the beginning of Chithirai month (சித்திரை) based on solar cycles. Islamic and Jewish new years follow the lunar pattern.

But irrespective of calendars - be it Gregorian, Tamil or Hijri - the arrival of January fills the air with hope everywhere. Even in Tamil Nadu where the Tamil calendar runs parallel to the commonly used Gregorian system, you’ll find people observing English new year’s with gusto.

And that kinship despite differences resonates with the ethos of our farm too. Just like unique crops flourishing together, human communities thrive by embracing diversity as one big family. The shared excitement cutting across cultures as we herald 2024 also epitomizes this underlying unity in variety.

So while wishing everyone a very happy Gregorian new year full of peace and possibilities, we also celebrate the common human ties binding us all. May we grow into a world where many harvests, calendars and customs bloom in harmony as one!